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3A1 Hub Dicing Blades

Look no further than Norton dicing blades for the optimal combination of wafer dicing quality and productivity. Whether you work with silicon or compound semiconductors such as GaAs, sapphire, or SiC, Norton 3A1 blades deliver fast production feed rates and minimal die damage. Pre-dressed to deliver out-of-the-box, trouble-free performance, Norton blades are available in a very broad range of widths, exposures, grit sizes, and concentrations. Please contact us for details or application-specific recommendations.


Standard Specification Availability 
Bond is electroformed nickel.
Several grit sizes are available:
PD-1-2/3: 1-2/3æm diamond, standard bond
PD-1/2: 1/2æm diamond, standard bond
PD-2/4: 2/4æm diamond, standard bond
PD-2/6: 2/6æm diamond, standard bond
PD-3/6: 3/6æm diamond, standard bond
PS-3/6: 3/6æm diamond, soft bond.
PD-4/8: 4/8æm diamond, standard bond.

Key blade dimensions:
OD: 55.56mm[2.187"]
ID: 19.05mm[3/4"]
Thickness and exposure code (X/Y) per adjacent table.
Complete blade description:
Item number if available,
X/Y Code - Bond - Grit
1234567-A 40/25-PD-3/6

3A1 Hub Dicing Blade Chart

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