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Band Saw Blades

Industrial production processes require cutting of a large number of materials. Diamond band saws are gaining ever greater importance in this process. The diamond band saw blade has proved to be a successful solution in many applications. It comprises a commercially available band saw, coated with an electroplated diamond layer, so it can be used on practically all band sawing machines. These band saws have been developed by focusing on the application requirements and leveraging Winter's extensive experience in designing and manufacturing diamond abrasive tools.


Notes on selection of bandsaw type

  1. Bandsaw cross section

    The cross section should be specified as wide and as thick as possible. However, note the diameter of the pulley. Band thickness (dimension E) should be in the range 1:1000 with respect to the diameter of the pulley. Band height (dimension F) is determined by the type of cut. For straight cuts, specify the maximum possible band height. For contours, band height should be selected as follows:
    Smallest cuttable radius (mm)       16  40  65  95  145  185  305
    Band height (mm)                         6   10  12  15   20    25    30 
  2. Cutting edge / tooth shape

    In principle, cutting edge S37B can be used for cutting all materials. This cutting edge is recommended for thin-walled and delicate materials. If segmented edges are used, there should always be two teeth simultaneously engaging the material. The advantages of segmented design are better transport of coolant and better chip removal, with softer, longchipping materials. However, the cut edge on the material is somewhat rougher.
  3. Diamond grit size

    Specification depends on the desired surface finish, cutting characteristics of the material, cutting width and machine parameters. Long-chipping materials should be cut with coarser grit sizes.

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