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Flexible Superabrasives

With Flexible Superabrasives, Saint-Gobain continues its unwavering commitment to the superior performance of fixed-abrasive solutions. Available in a variety of sizes, Flexible Superabrasive discs fit directly on your lapping equipment. When you need rapid and precise surface generation, Flexible Superabrasives deliver superior finishes, geometries, and cut rates with minimal part damage, while minimizing lapping plate prep time and slurry management. Let us know how they can work for you.


Discs: 10mm to 1000mm diameter
Belts: 10mmÿto 330mm width byÿ240mmÿto 5000mm length
Sheets: Up to 1000mm by 2800mm

Bond Systems
Metal, Resin

Telum©: Interlocking arrows for high strength, chip clearance, and stock removal while allowing precise finishing

Flexis™: Standard dot pattern for maximum flexibility


Pro-lineT™: Special dot pattern engineering for high heat resistance


Quadroflex™: Connected semi-flexible pattern for aggressive material removal.

Swiflex©: Flexible diamond abrasive for dry grinding and polishing

Grit Sizes
D7 [6-12um]
D15 [10-20um]
D25 [20-30um]
D35 [30-40um]
D54 [320/370]
D76 [200/230]
D126 [120/140]
D251 [60/70]
D301 [50/60]

BP - Standard belt material, thick and relatively rigid used for belts in wet applications. Medium stretch.
BPT - More flexible and thinner than BP. Used for belts and discs in wet or dry applications. Low stretch.
BPR - Very flexible, thin belt material. Used for thin belts and optical pads. Wet applications. Low stretch.
BPSI - Ultra flexible rubbery material. Used on belts for grinding odd shapes (concave). Wet applications.
BPSIT - similar to PBSI but thicker material.
Canvas - Ultra flexible, low stretch material. Used on sheets and belts for wet and dry applications.
S/A - Self adhesive backer. To be used in wet applications.
S/A 2 - Self adhesive backer with 2mm plastozote layer. To be used in wet applications.

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