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Read-Write Head Machining

Because today's disk and tape drives demand the utmost read/write head precision, leading manufacturers continue to turn to Norton diamond blades and FAVS™ grinding wheels for world-leading performance at row-slice, part off, AlTiC wafer thinning, and bar-grinding.


Norton 1A8 Hubless Diamond Blades Deliver Best-In-Class Read/Write Head Slicing and Dicing Performance
From wafer split to row slice and part off, Norton blades have been leading the industry for over 30 years.  Through on-going developments in blade manufacturing and application engineering, we have enabled ever-increasing blade performance at lower thicknesses and tighter tolerances.  Our thin blade developments have been major enabling factors in shrinking head size and delivering the astounding drive capacity growth of the past quarter century.  Let us know how they can work for you.    

World-Class R&D and Engineering Capabilities
Norton offers unparalleled expertise in read/write head machining.  Fully equiped with industry standard slicing and grinding systems and metrology tools, our process modeling lab enables exact replication of customer set-ups for turn-key solution development.    

Norton FAVS™ Precision Grinding Wheels for Wafer Thinning, Bar and Throat-Height Grinding  

Norton's Fixed Abrasive Vertical Spindle (FAVS™) technology is a unique set of custom grinding wheel specifications designed for the toughest surface generation challenges.  Whether your challenge is AlTiC wafer thinning (Nano to Pico or Pico to Femto), bar grinding for stress control, or lap time minimization, Norton FAVST wheels are engineered to get the best out of your process.  Contact us for additional information.    

Worldwide Coverage

 Because you have to be close to your customers to succeed together, our application engineering staff is available in all key drive development and production locations in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Our worldwide team is intimately familiar with the Storage industry's challenges throughout the head manufacturing process.  Visit our locations section to locate a Saint-Gobain Abrasives specialist near you.