Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Electronics
Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Electronics
Industry-Leading Diamond Blade Technology and Application Expertise

Slicing & Dicing

With over 30 years' experience in slicing and dicing electronic components, Norton has the technology and know-how to develop or optimize your process in minimal time.  Whether you slice opto-electronic components, multi-layer capacitors, diodes, or any high-precision ceramic part, Norton offers the industry's broadest range of sizes and specifications to match your application.  When you need to push the limits on blade thickness, feed rate, or cut accuracy, contact us Contact us with your technical challenges.


World-Class R&D and Engineering Capabilities
Norton offers unparalleled expertise in high-precision slicing and dicing, backed up by world-class process modeling capabilities.  Our development lab is staffed by industry experts and fully equipped with industry-standard slicing & grinding systems and metrology tools, enabling exact replication of customer set-ups for turn-key solution development.

Advanced Data Acquisition Systems 

Field Instrumentation System (FIS)
The FIS combines proprietary software and hardware to record and analyze grinding process data (power, force, machine slide position, etc.) over time. It is a key analysis tool to assess grinding process stability and self-sharpening characteristics of diamond blade.    

Vi ewVoyager Optical Measurement System
Blob analysis and optical measurement based on pre-calibrated view. Used for cut quality optimization.
Measurement capabilities include: chipping, part geometry, kerf control, and cut taper.